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Your Professional Pitch Consultant


Interviews and presentations can be challenging; I’m here to help. I’m an honest and positive professional whose first priority is always the interests of my clients; providing practice, adaptability, and feedback. Since 2019, I’ve been serving loyal clients around the world.

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Our Services


Interview Preperation

Are you interviewing for your dream role? Do you keep being rejected early in the interview process? Book a session with us today to brush up on those interview skills, build confidence and learn how to answer interview questions concisely and effectively.



Presentation Practice

Practice makes perfect, don't be caught out by underpreperation. Present to us to ensure your delivery is smooth and articulate. We provide feedback to ensure your timing and delivery are perfectly on point.



We all know that asking for the raise you deserve, requesting that promotion or handing in your resignation can be can be very intimidating. Practice with us to ensure that when the time comes you cover every point in a professional manner

I was exetemely nervous on video calls but Your Pitch Guru helped me to land my dream job by preparing me for my interviews.

Johana A

I had a big presentation coming up and needed critical feedback before presenting to my boss and colleges. Your Pitch Guru provided valuable insight and gave me the confidence to ace the call!

Andrea N

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