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Tricks and Tips

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Video Conference Etiquette

  1. Choose the right background

  2. Ensure that you have great lighting

  3. Dress appropriately for the call

  4. Place the call window close to your camera so that you can maintain 'eye contact'

  5. Be ontime, 5 minutes early can be just as bad as 5 minutes late

  6. Test your tech

  7. Take the call from a comfortable, familiar and quiet location.

Vlogging from Home Office


Consider Value First

It's important to consider the value you want to provide and the message you want to get across to your audiance.


Embrace Imperfection

Connection is the goal when presenting to an audience and not perfection, interruptions and distractions are part of life. Seeing someone embrace the more challenging aspects of daily life while presenting will build rapport.


Use Names

Get the audience engaged and use the names you see in the chat or on their screens throughout the presentation. Using names establishes familiarity and fosters genuine connection.


Have Confidence

If you want an audience to believe in your message, you have to be confident.

Keep your Audience Engaged

Interesting Facts

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